Our puff pastry cakes are made with a non-traditional method which is based on using the natural non-refined organic ingredients. The method of baking a healthy puff pastry crust is patented in Canada in 2005/06/01.  
The Canadian patent 2, 451, 627 

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The cream is flavoured with natural fruit extracts. The crème pâtissièr is prepared in the cooking equipment made of the best surgical steel 316 L non-chemically reactive. The top of each cake is adorned with fresh fruit and berries ensuring this to be a very wonderful season.  
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Altogether 30 desserts are created for you, discriminate customers with gourmet tastes in mind. You are just about to unveil a miracle world of the grape seed oil desserts.

The invention relates to a method of producing a low-fat nutritious puff-pastry crust without using butter or margarine high in saturated fats and Trans fatty acids in combination with lower baking temperatures. Polyunsaturated grape seed oil known for its high smoking point (420 F) which is rich in linoleic acid (reduces the blood cholesterol level by 20%) and vitamin E that through its antioxidant effects prevents heart disease and cancer is used instead of the harmful fats.

healthy desserts catering vancouverResearchers say a toxic compound "advanced glication end products" formed when sugar, proteins and fat are cooked for a long time at high temperature increase blood-vessel damage.

Healthy puff pastry is baked at a lower temperature 320 F for a reduced time eliminating the risk of heart disease.

All gourmet cakes consist of 12 layers of healthy pastry crusts with French vanilla crème pâtissièr in between the layers and comprise up to 25 natural ingredients.

Keeping in mind today's health concerns, these cakes are proof positive that you can have your cake and eat it too! Delicious, mouth-watering sensations that are visually appealing, as well as flavourful, make these a masterpiece for the discerning palate.